Information on CS:GO / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive / Counterstrike: GO

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is the short name of Valve’s most successful games, Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike goes by many games amongst video games fans. The most common short name used around on the internet is CS.


The success of the original Counterstrike game was phenomenal for the time it was released. It was a game based on the game engine of the epic Half Life, the first huge success of Valve software. Now the time has come for Valve to renew this franchise. And behold! The next Counter-Strike game will be released in 2012. The code name of this project is CS:GO, or CSGO. Valve is well known for its marketing strategies and it seems that Counterstrike 2 will get lots and lots of promotion before it is released. It is only natural though cause gamers still play like maniacs the original Counter-Strike game (and its later Graphic and Game Engine update, that used the Source engine that was developed for Half-Life 2 series). Valve is a company that is well known for its respect to the video games fans. And CS:GO will be the next big hit along with the upcoming and long awaited DOTA 2 game.

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Basic information on CS:GO

  • the release will surely be on the first quarter of 2012
  • it will be published by Valve software
  • it will play on Steam
  • it will have 2 gameplay modes, the Casual and Competitive
  • it is going to run on the latest Valve’s Source game engine that was used on Portal 2 game
  • you can aquire early access from Eurogamer and PAX websites in September 2011, that will go around in the form of closed beta keys
  • the game is developed by Valve software and Hidden Path Entertainment
  • the full title will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Official websites: http://counterstrikego.com and http://csgobaloffensive.com
Watch some confirmed videos of CS:GO


Features of CS:GO

Although this list is subject to change, cause the game is still on pre-beta phase. My guess is that most of these features will stay on the final form of Counterstrike GO.

  • Matchmaking system for teams and individuals (with Elo rating system)
  • Focus on competitive 5v5 play and eSports
  • Ranked servers run by Valve (Competitive mode only)
  • Dedicated servers run by players (Casual mode only)
  • LAN support confirmed
  • Ranked / Ladder play for both individuals and 5 man teams (Competitive mode)
  • Bullet penetration through some walls / materials / objects
  • Classic CS gameplay – no ironsights
  • Competitive and Casual modes
  • Gameplay derived from both CS 1.6 and CS: Source with new twist
  • Weapons have been rebalanced to make weapon selection more interesting (so that players use more than the typical AK, M4, AWP, and Desert Eagle)
  • Beta is on PC only, starts in October as a closed beta
  • Defuse and Hostage maps
  • Molotov grenades: create a pool of fire on the ground which slows movement speed of players crossing it and causes area of effect damage
  • Decoy grenades: emit fake weapon firing sounds to confuse enemies about your team’s position
  • New money system / weapon and equipment prices
  • Kevlar and helmet cannot be purchased, are given at beginning of every round like ammo
  • Ammo doesn’t need to be bought (like CS:S)
  • SourceTV not currently a priority
  • Forced DirectX 9 for everybody (for balance); DX10+ not supported
  • Flashbangs behave like in 1.6 – if you face away, you aren’t blinded for very long
  • Classic weapons return, but have been changed / rebalanced
  • New shotgun
  • New taser melee weapon – one use only, one hit kill
  • New heavy machine gun rifle
  • New pistols
  • Models and hitbox sizes slighty reduced from CS: Source
  • Cross-platform play confirmed between PC, Mac, and PS3 players
  • Valve wants 360 players to also get Steamworks / cross-platform support, but Microsoft doesn’t allow it
  • Playstation 3 version can be controlled with a PS3 controller, USB mouse and keyboard, or PS Move motion controller
Screenshots of CSGO

Game Maps available in the final version of the game

  • de_dust2
  • de_dust – layout significantly changed (new paths)
  • de_aztec – minor changes to layout
  • de_nuke – some layout changes
  • de_inferno – some layout changes
  • de_train – only has one bomb site now
  • cs_italy
  • cs_office

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