Counterstrike most famous videos of all time!

I tried something different today! I went to Youtube and I typed the word “counterstrike”. Filtered out channels and crappy videos and then I hit the “most views” filter.

Voila! The 5 most viewed videos on Youtube containing the word Counterstrike! I guess that in a year from now I can make the same post about the 5 best videos of CSGO on youtube right? I have high hopes of Counterstrike global offensive and I will kick valve’s ass if they don’t make it right like the original cs.

Ok, number 5 in our category for “best Counterstrike videos of all time” we have:


5. Counter Strike Source : Got High ( garry’s mod )by b-buck

4. Lego Counter-Strike


3.  Counterstrike in REAL


2.  Counter-Strike – DE dust2 HD


…and the big winner is…

1. Counter-Strike For Kids (Machinima) – 13 million views - All-time highest viewed video!


I hope we get some new CSGO videos soon enough to show around to the fans! Valve we need you!

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  1. aa says:

    “a gamers day” is missing

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