CS GO official talk about new Arsenal game modes

I give you the exact post I found over to the Official CS GO website about the new Arsenal game modes!

Thanks to Valve’s press release and fresh batch of CS:GO screenshots earlier today, we now know that the two Arsenal game modes (“Demolition” and “Arms Race”) feature eight brand-new maps to be added to the seven classic maps already confirmed to be returning.  So far, we only know the names of four of them: csgo_sugarcane, csgo_shoots, csgo_stmarc, and csgo_baggage.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the screenshots of these four maps and speculating a bit more about them based on what we can infer from what we’ve seen so far.

First up is csgo_sugarcane, a map which appears to take place in a cane sugar mill somewhere deep in South America.

The map’s setting and layout are reminiscent of the extremely popular classic Counter-Strike mapcs_assault, and perhaps sugarcane is intended as a tribute of sorts.  We also caught a glimpse of csgo_sugarcane in the official teaser trailer a few weeks ago – click here to see a screenshot of the brief clip in question.

Next is csgo_shoots, of which four screenshots were released.

The name “Shoots” (see this relevant Wikipedia article) might be a subtle hint indicating the setting of this map – what could be some kind of illegal drug plantation, possibly somewhere in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, etc).  As you can see in the screenshots below, the counter-terrorism element for these maps is some kind of fully-camouflaged military force.

The third confirmed Arsenal map is csgo_stmarc, of which there is only a single screenshot.  The map name indicates that the setting is the coastal port town of Saint-Marc in western Haiti.

The real-life town of St. Marc, Haiti deep in the Carribbean is a very viable candidate for terrorism and criminal activities, as it is one of the centers of import and export (legal or illegal) in Haiti, a country that has large problems with poverty, violence, and political instability.

The last of the four new maps revealed so far is csgo_baggage, which takes place in and around an airport baggage claim, possibly in homage to the popular old-school Counter-Strike map cs_747.

Remember the first batch of 7 screenshots released alongside the trailer a few weeks ago?  Turns out we’ve already seen csgo_baggage – one of those is from another area depicted (below on the right), at the intersection of several baggage claim mechanisms.  From the older screenshot, we can tell that the airport is somewhere in Germany or another German-speaking country (possibly somewhere like Zurich, Switzerland).

That’s all there is to know so far about the new Arsenal maps, and as always, we’ll keep you updated as more details become available.  Which of these maps looks the most interesting to you?  Are you excited about the inclusion of GunGame-inspired game modes in CS:GO?

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